You Did Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?

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Stupid stuff happens every day and it's good to

learn to laugh at yourself

rather than reach for a cigarette.


      I had to change out that water heater a few posts back.

The new water heater was bigger than the old one and I couldn't get to the side to solder to the pressure relief valve due to the forced air heater being in the way and a gas line 2 inches from where I would have to solder.

I needed something flexible and heavy duty I could clamp together.

      Fortunately there was a weird brass adapter that I would have never found or even known existed sitting on top of the forced air unit.


      So, I go in search of the heavy tubing. The home supply store has changed. You now have to buy 25 feet of many tubing sizes for much of their stock even if you ONLY need one foot.

      I can't spot anything that will work, roll or not. An employee finishes with another customer and asks me what I need. I pull the fitting out of my pocket and we eventually find something that fits the old fitting. It took what seemed a good while (10 minutes?) and, I certainly was thankful we found something that would work but, the fitting I brought in to size the tubing is nowhere in sight.

        I checked my pockets 3 times and we both hemmed and hawed while  looking everywhere our eyes could go in search of that fitting.

      Finally, I thought, I don't need that fitting and I told them it wasn't a problem and I walked away.

      As I raised it up to the counter to pay for it, the fitting was right there in the end of the tubing.



any stupid thing happen to you lately?