Pop goes the Soda!

Discussion created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Mar 24, 2017
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Who doesn't like that sugary hit of caffeine on a hot day? Yet, soda is really bad for your breathing! It's the carbonation. Even flavored mineral water causes breathing problems for folks with COPD.

Like giving up Sickerettes, giving up sodas can only happen with "what do you do instead?" Did you know there's a website for that?

I have ice cold water with me 24/7. I just add a slice of lemon or lime, fresh berries, or orange slices. I still drink my coffee - 2 cups at home in the morning and 2 cups throughout the work day - never after 2 pm

I rarely drink alcoholic beverages - a beer on a hot summer's day. I can't get through a six pack in a Year!

We're all different. Share your ideas on beverages and breathing... we can learn by sharing!