The Seven Year Itch

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Seven Years ago today (2557 DOF) I launched my Quit! So how does it feel to be out here?


Well, part of me is Proud of my accomplishment knowing that my chances of getting here were not good - but I did it! Yeah!

And there's always that whispery voice - "just one doesn't hurt!" It's still there, barely, and easy to ignore but it would also be easy to listen to had I not prepared myself for just this thing!

I think the most challenging aspect at this time in my Quit Journey is this:


When do I get back to normal?


But Life isn't like that, is it? Life changes, circumstances change, we hope it all moves progressively forward. I have a new job, I have become a grandfather (a second baby girl expected in September!) and as the gentler saying goes, Life Happens! So no, I will never get back to anywhere!


Nor will I arrive in this Lifetime! Each time I hear of another person passing away so young it scares me. Yet isn't that the there that I'm seeking? The irony of living!


Years ago I was introduced to the concept of the New Normal. There is no going back - only forward - but I won't always feel the angst of Nicotine Withdrawal. It didn't just disappear one day. It was a long process of becoming! Oh yea, no wonder BecomeanEX is so apt!


Actually there is a lot of Science behind all of this Social EXperiment that is our EX Community! From No Man's Land to the Freedom Train, from the EX trips to the EX Café - they're all based on solid research!


And so is the New Normal! The good news is we each get to create our own New Normal! Yours isn't mine isn't somebody else's! They're as individual as each of us!  And perhaps that is the there we are seeking!


So what kind of road map can we use?

Finding Our New Normal



Well, not really a Road Map - more like a starting point! Besides: