Smoking Is A Choice. A Blown Water Heater Isn't.

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      I walked out of my room yesterday morning to a strange sound. I had not heard it before but I knew what it was before I saw it. The water heater had sprung a leak about 12 inches off the ground and there was water 1/2 deep in the utility room. We had discussed getting a new water heater this week, last week.

      We were being URGED WITHOUT OPTION to do so yesterday morning.

      I spent half a day taking out the old one and installing the new one in a room slightly larger than myself and the water heater. There are many requirements for earthquake and venting and I was completely whipped by the time it was over.

      I could have left the water heater and wall oven on the street for next Tuesdays pickup (my twin brother and I replaced the oven Tuesday.)

      Instead we put them in the back of my truck as I figured I could just take them down the hill this morning. That didn't work out. When I called them, they said the next town over...well, since they were already in my truck....

      On the way over, I was taking side streets as far as I could. I finally got to the place I had to get on a main thoroughfare and when I turned right, the rope across the back and around the water heater drain valve LET GO and it went into the street and started rolling down the hill taking a hop every time it got to the drain valve.

      ( yes it was a Hopping Water Heater)

      I was backing up and trying to keep it hopping across the intersection so it wasn't in the middle and I could reload it. It stopped about 10 feet from the corner.

      There was one car waiting to turn right but there was nothing I could do. I dragged it to the back of my truck and just then a citizen, showed up on my right and asked if he could help. We got it loaded and I retied it and  away I went.

      I pulled into the recycling center and parked at the office t ask where to put them, they said I had to use the scale and by this time I got back the line had grown HUGE.

      I ended up bringing them home  :-)

Smoking Is A Choice. A Blown Water Heater Isn't



and I would be TOO TIRED TO SMOKE if I were still a smoker.  :-).