I'm just saying....Hello???? Hello???? Is anbody out there???

Discussion created by Pops on Mar 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2017 by TerrieQuit

Okay, here is a scenario.  It's now 2:45 am Thursday 03.16.2017, and I can't sleep.  Today I am well into my quit, and do not have any craving going on.  However, I'm not quite there, because I aint all here...lol (anyway, I think that is how that goes)  

Seriously though, I and several other members have mentioned on multiple occasions that we miss being able to see when other members of the EX community are online.  That gives us a great open invite to call out to another addict in recovery and just sit back and shoot the breeze, and just sort of talk away or at least talk about whatever comes to mind.....

Well, I am talking to my keyboard....and guess what....it is NOT conversing back!!!!

Now you might find that sort of cute, or funny because I still have somewhat of a sense of humor and posted a "cutsie" sort of emoji....but I am not so pleased....note the expression of my emoticon....

This is a shortfall of the site, and I have said before, that I plan to champion the effort to get Admin to return its' presence in some sort of form one way or another.

Now, I realize that the hour is nuts, and most all are asleep,,,(as I wish I was right now...).  However, when you do awaken...please read this discussion and take the time to respond to it.  Like it if you care to, I don't really care about that.  What I (and ADMIN as well) are looking for is an honest overview of the membership as a whole.  This discussion is meant to put our finger on the pulse if you will of our community spirit.

Have a great day, or sleep as it turns out.  I am going to attempt to go back to bed and get at least one full hour before I am required to return to work.  

By the way, I really do love you guys...and I have 296 days of freedom today....yeah baby!!!!!