I Soaped!

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      I build my dish pile throughout the day from my coffee mug onward.

I put my utensils in my coffee mug throughout the day and do my dishes at the end of the day.

      I baked an apple tart last night and grabbed a spoon out of my mug forgetting I had squeezed a healthy dose of dish soap into the mug while the utensils were in it.

      Imagine my surprise when I took my first bite of the ice cream I had topped the tart with.

My first impulse was water.

My second impulse was a mouthful of suds.

My third impulse was a very weird feeling in my esophagus that lasted for hours.



      I've got to remember not to do that again.


I can accurately report to you that

Smoking is easier to forget than the stupid stuff I do.