Day #6

Discussion created by Kaila2 on Mar 10, 2017

Well, I was supposed to stop on the 13th of this month. And last Saturday, at 10 am, I smoked my last cigarette from the pack and thought to myself, Why wait, quit now. And you know what, I did. I have quit cold turkey, no nicotine at all. Thank you very much, LoL. I keep thinking of it, like I'm an alcoholic but with cigarettes. You hear how alcoholics struggle to say no and if they drink one drink, they fall right back into slavery. I feel the exact same way about cigarettes. They actually have nicotine anonymous programs. Through reading up on their program, I have discovered that it’s ok to want a cigarette and it’s ok to even long for one; as long as I don’t break. Realizing that I can accept the struggle happily instead of trying to walk away and forget it, has somehow lifted a huge load off my shoulders. This life style has been active in my life for ten years and I’m not going to just be able to live like I never had this addiction. I have also learned that sobriety is important to me, it has to be. I will not take my days of being clean and throw it away for one stupid cigarette that will one day kill me. Yes, It is my enemy but it’s an enemy that I’m willing to fighting. I’m happy about this change in my life so far. In the past, I just tried to make it go away and now I embrace it. Yes I have a problem with addiction and yes it could take my life if I give in. But you know what, I love the challenge. I am so happy and so proud of myself. And yes I may be doing a victory dance to early in the game, but I believe I have finally got the right mind set to conquer this thing. I’ve been praying and I know God is moving this mountain for me. In the past times of me trying to quit smoking, I would get sick and be so ill and fighting cravings like never before. But this time, it’s not been pleasant, but manageable. I have gotten alittle ill with my hubby, Corey. But nothing like before. LoL. One time I was so ill, Corey went and got a pack and said “for all that is right and holy, smoke this before I kill you”. Much Love Sent Out to You All.