A Thank You to our Ex Team

Discussion created by Giulia Champion on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2017 by shashort

May I just say "thank you" to those who are in charge of this site who are trying to make it the best of all - for all of us.  That is not only 'no mean feat,' it is an impossible feat.  And frankly I am rather in awe of the numerous open dialogues that have been afforded and taken place between the support community members here and the Ex Team.  I think of something like Yahoo mail, that just does whatever it wants and alters whatever it likes with no apparent query nor input from their subscribers.  You awaken one day and everything's changed and "screw you, deal with it!"  I mean really.  This is not THAT.  


Oh I grant you it WAS, before the new Ex Team came into the management position here.  Nobody seemed to care about what we, the members, thought or felt about anything.  This is no longer true.  Though I may be unhappy about  certain things that have changed, at least I know that  my feelings about that are heard and acknowledged.  Just like other's grievances are heard, BECAUSE they want to make this the best place to come if you want to succeed at quitting.  They understand that what truly makes this place special is US the supporters.  Without us they have no support community.  They welcome input from the long-term supporter and equally the newly minted member.  And both inputs are important in the life of a support community because we both come at it from different perspectives. 


I don't know, but to me this open-dialogue between management and supporters is quite unique.  I'm of an older generation and maybe this is the common thing now and if so great.  But a two-way dialogue between the manager/owners of a site and the people who inhabit it - well that's kind of special in my book anyway.


So thank you for that Dr.Amanda.Graham  and the Ex Team.  We know that our voices are heard.  Even if we can't be afforded every wish we so desire and will still berate you to make the changes we want, we know you're on our team!  lol  And that team is all about helping people overcome this addiction.  That's why we all here after all.