Hello Day 300

Discussion created by shashort on Mar 9, 2017
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 WOW, HURRAY AND YIPPEE!!  Well time to say goodbye to the 200's.  Wow it is hard to believe it has been 300 days without one puff of a nasty sickerette.  Well I have Nico's dudes pattern and seems he likes to jump in and try to suck me in when I am close to a milestone. He hit me at day 91, day 195 (this is the day I bit the lemon and oh yeah was and is still effective) and day 299, yes yesterday he was trying to nudge me but to no avail and I shewed him away, so the key is we must stay vigilant at all times. Which is what Marilyn speaks everyday.


How did I get to 300 days: This is it in a nutshell! I listened to the elders and took their suggestions and recommendations to heart. I came here when the struggle was real and they talked me down. They gave me different ways to think.  I  would  blog,stomp,exercise, walk while I chant mantra's over and over till the crave was over. I had to learn to take try's and wishes out of the equation and remember this is my commitment and know I just have to do whatever it takes to get through it. The big thing I put into my quit was the determination that I will be free. The great thing is we have this wonderful family here who really care about each of you newbies and we are here cheering you on because we care for you. We know it's not always easy but this is why you are here for support.  There will always be obstacles to face and that is called life  and it still goes on without a cigarette in hand. I have faced  many obstacles in the course of my quit that could been so easy to throw the towel in but I didn't use them as excuses (although I tried hehehe just kidding this great family kept showing me  love, support and care and got me threw it.) So use us and blog before you smoke and we can help you though.  Even if you have to blog lots in the beginning that is all right that is what its here for.  Find your determination to find freedom and you will succeed.  Thank you to everyone who has invested their time and believed in me even when I didn't believe in me and got me to the freedom of success.  64 and a 1/2 days till my 1 year.  How convenient it works out to celebrate my one year anniversary with all the people who got me here at Virgnia Beach. Woohoo waiting for the party. Hugs to all! and thanks for all the new friends I have here.