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So I have made it two months without a cigarette and this past Sunday and today I have had serious urges to smoke.  I don't understand this because I thought I was past that sense or urgency of needing a cigarette.  The nicotine is out of my system, I quit cold turkey so what is this all about?  I have had some stressful situations, depression and anxiety but that is all normal and you know I smoked to smoked, I didn't have any reason I was a dang smoker for 20 plus years.  

I need prayers and help right now, I don't think I will break down and buy a pack of cigarettes, I have no intentions of doing so, I Just need to ride through this day and I can't ignore the weight gain anymore, I am disgusted at myself for packing on at least 10 pounds in two months, its a constant reminder when I'm wearing jeans and shorts that are too tight.  I'm in a cranky mood today as well.

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