Don't stop smoking......yet

Discussion created by Mandolinrain on Mar 7, 2017
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Believe me when I say this, I had several failed quit attempts. 


My best advise to anyone who is looking for help to stop smoking is this;

Truly Understand The WHY of your smoking addiction BEFORE you quit.  Once I buckled down and became truly educated on the WHY..everything clicked and the failed attempts were over. I felt really good because I understood why I failed so often. the DECEPTION, like another member of this site ' Chuck' recently spoke about.


I highly recommend reading Alen Carrs book, the Easy way to stop smoking. That was KEY for my quit success.

I think to many people come in here so unprepared, I know I did and then they fail....I did too. Listen, you would not go drive a car unless you had he proper training to know how to handle it, otherwise you risk your life and the life of others. I look at smoking the same way. Learn first then quit.


i slipped, or at least I thought I 'Slipped' a couple years ago when I quit. Here it comes....the tuff love.

A few wise elders back then , who are still very active on this site, told me exactly how it was. I had made a choice to smoke. nobody stuck it to my face and made me inhale it. I didn't fall on a banana peel or slip on ICE, I frankly wanted to smoke at that moment more than I wanted to quit. I needed to hear that. These elders have heard it all, believe me, Your no surprise to any of us, we have ALL walked through the gaits of failed quits.


The best thing you can do is before you quit, read as many posts in here as you can. Prepare for your quit before you quit. Have a game plan. Read that book. Get to know us and let us help you through it.

If you quit and screw up....chin up...tomorrows a new day. Come in here, fess up and get on with your quit. No condemnation here, only love and support. But call it what it is...a choice, a bad choice and get on with quit. If you slipped, you must be talking about banana peels or ice because 'slips' are choices, plain and simple.


im not telling you anything different then what was shared with me . The tuff love I got was outstanding, it was also done in a nice one should EVER be mean about your having a failed quit. We are here to support each other.

As I said, before you quit, be true to yourself and understand YOUR WHY and the Nicotines will make all the difference in a more successful , less stressful quit....Oh, and did I mention, come here often?

You can do it, we have your back , we want to see you succeed, that's why we are here...someone was here for us. It's very hard, we get that. You have us now, allow us to help you. 


I fell on a lot of ICE and banana peels before I really understood. The CHOICE is yours;)