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     I joined Ex in August of 2016.  My start to quit date was September.  As of 2 weeks ago, I had weaned myself down to approximately 3 cigarettes a week.  Big doctor started me on some medication that made me hallucinate, cry, and become real depressed (not stop smoking don't the rest of you who are taking medication to stop, get scared).  I became so depressed that I did start smoking again...on a big scale.  Well, I told my doctor I wasn't going to take any more of the medications they prescribed (I wasn't abnormally depressed at all).  In fact, I felt great before I started taking these medications.


     Well, to make a long story short,  I am trying to cut down AGAIN.  I WILL NOT GET DISCOURAGED, I am angry, AND I NEED HELP TO QUIT SMOKING AGAIN.  So, here goes!