The Radio in your Head

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Are you still tuned into the Nico-Channel? Did you know that you can reach right over and change the channel? You listened to that other station when you logged in here for the first time, you know! It's there - waiting for you to tune in! You know that voice:

"I'm sick of the money, the stink, the ashtrays, the lost time, the fear for my health, the feeling that everybody around me hates this!"

Now, just down the broadband there's another channel:

"Life Smoke FREE is so worth it! I feel better about myself in every way! Addictive FREE Living is abundant Living! Smoke FREE is the only way to BE!" This channel isn't about what I hate - it's about what I LOVE!

Change the channel! Listen to the positive and you will find your Quititude! The channel's nape is N-O-P-E in EXLand! We play the dance music!