New Hours for the EX Cafe

Discussion created by c2q on Mar 5, 2017
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Starting this week, the EX Cafe will be open three days a week: Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday.


The EX Cafe is here to give us all a chance to say hello to our fellow quitters and share a bit of nourishment with each other. Quitting smoking is a journey. It's about reclaiming your self and your senses from the dulling effects of nicotine. Why not indulge in some virtual coffee, humor and a bite of something chocolate while you're at it?


Come see what we mean at the EX Café.


The barista staff right now is susan_m, Pops, and me, c2q.


We're going to miss our fellow baristas, Mortalzeus and Daniela2016. But they both have said that they will continue to drop by, and we're looking forward to that. 


If you'd like to learn more about becoming a barista at the EX Cafe, please let me know. See you soon.