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Have you ever had the feeling that you are smoking without even realizing what you are doing? Day after day of the same ritual of smoking becomes so automatic we don't even pay attention!


Here's an article that explains recent research around this automatic thinking. They think they can find new ways to help you quit smoking by studying this stuff. 


We already figured it out!


Pay Attention! If you decide to notice without judgment what you're doing it gives you the space to decide whether you want to or not! Mindfulness Meditation is all about paying attention! Actually that's all it is! You don't have to chant Om! You don't have to stop what you're doing! You just have to pay attention without judgment!


I have found this Life Changing as exaggerated as that sounds! I have been able to make many more choices about my actions. I used it to help me notice cravings after I quit too!


It's so easy! Give it a try!