Seven Weeks

Discussion created by katherineu on Mar 1, 2017
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I have not smoked in seven weeks, I am so thankful that God has brought me out of this with the help of family, friends, online friends and online support sites like this.  I really feel the worse part is over because I have been through so MUCH, death, attending funerals, close family with severe health problems, all types of difficult things in the past few weeks as to were I would grab for a cigarette and it dawned on me last night, you never once thought of a cigarette during all the problems and chaos, way to GO!!!  

One thing I have found disturbing through all this is my mother who is a life long smoker, she quits for a few days, here and there but she always has a reason to smoke or not to smoke, I know, I have been there so I don't say anything because the addict doesn't want to hear the truth.

She has already had brain surgery last year for an aneurysm and she was diagnosed last month with another brain aneurysm that she needs surgery for, and she has fainting/black out spells and was diagnosed with an irregular heart beat in the ER recently and was told to see a cardiologist, needs a biopsy of her liver because its enlarged, and has type II diabetes and does not eat right.  Literally her health is going down the tubes and I would not be surprised if she doesn't live to be 60 because most of her siblings died in their 50's.  

As I watch her waste away because she chooses cigarettes over life, I thank GOD I am not that person anymore, who smoked no matter what and needed a cigarette to cope with stress, basically I needed a cigarette for every occasion.  It is very hard for me to feel sorry or have sympathy for my mother because she knows she needs to stop smoking, her surgeon and the rest of the doctors have told her to stop smoking but you know the addict doesn't think its going to happen to them even when they are a ticking time bomb.

For anyone who is tempted to smoke please don't -  just promise yourself not to smoke for 24 hours, yes the cravings suck but they go away and eventually the cravings will be nothing more than a memory.  It's not worth it, I smoked for 20 plus years and in the past when I quit I always made an excuse to go back to smoking, don't do it, its not worth it!  You call on someone for support on get on this awesome website and read other stories, you don't have to to do it alone, be a cheerleader for someone else as well!