Good Morning

Discussion created by JustSharon on Mar 1, 2017
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I am praying it is one for you. I'm praying you have waken to a new smoke free day. How wonderful it feels. It may be a struggle for those new at this and not much so for those have been quit for sometime, but we are all on guard and need to be and so I pray. "it doable" as Marilyn H. always says, it is so rewarding that one feels like a new person, fresh, clean, more confident as each day goes on. Us addicts become as if we weren't as the days of freedom mount, we become non smokers and reap the benefits of a stronger heathier body.

Don't smoke today, you will love yourself for it. Ignore the craves, they do go away quickly if not dwelled upon. Triggers can be dealt with by taking a different direction either physically or on your mind.

Have a wonderful day

Sharon 117 DOF