I'm Home!!

Discussion created by shashort on Feb 25, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2017 by TerrieQuit

Hi and hello it's me again. Oh my goodness I am finally home sweet home. Oh what a wonderful and great feeling it is. I got home last night around 8:30 pm.  I think they forgot how to discharge me lol. Gee whiz I was only supposed to stay 5-7 days and my goodness they held me hostage for 33 days.  I was so anxious to get home I kept asking him if can he drive faster (I usually have to ask him to slow down but not last night lmao) instead I kept asking if we are there yet lol.  It was great when I finally walked in my house and seen my precious sweet fur babies and I was so happy to see them as much as they were happy to see me,  From this point the dogs won't let me out of their sites.  Oh my goodness me and the bed snuggled until 3 this afternoon and apparently the dogs snuggled with me as I heard my husband asking the dogs why they were in bed with me.  They are not normally aloud to sleep in our bed and usually cannot climb in our bed as some how they figured it out. It was funny and sure made my sad heart happy today.  Although, I did have a thought go through my brain about how I wanted a cigarette but thats was all it was a memory.  Today has been 287 smoke free and no way I will give in to the nico dude. Slowly but surely getting close to 1 year,  Thank you all for all your love and support. Big hugs to all of you.