What's for Dinner?

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Did you know that what you eat can make a big difference in how you feel with COPD?


There are a lot of reasons for that beginning with the fact that we are constantly in a state of inflammation. So let's see what an anti-inflammatory diet looks like:


11 Food Rules For The Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory Diet - mindbodygreen 


Another consideration is that our lungs are overinflated with dead air which pushes down on our diaphragm so when we over eat our stomachs push up on the diaphragm and that poor muscle which helps us breathe can't do it's job! So think about eating 6 - 8 little meals a day instead of 2 - 3 big ones!


Whoa! Who has time (and energy) to do all of that prep? Well, you don't have to cook more often - just split up the portions and eat mini-meals.


There are a few things that are off-limits: Don't worry! You can still have coffee!


Foods to Avoid with COPD | Lung Institute 


The only one of these I think are confusing is cruciferous vegetables. Broccoli has been found to be very beneficial to lung health. But I  always have a glass of  water with a pinch of baking soda and a squirt of lime juice in it which settles the gas. 


Speaking of veggies - I can't stress enough how important it is to eat your fruit and vegetables! 


Eating fruits and vegetables reduces lung disease risk - Medical News Today 


But all fruit is not created equal! Stick to nonacidic fruit and veggies, a.k.a. alkaline:


Alkaline-Acid Food Charts | Greenopedia 


Don't get overwhelmed! Keep a nutrition journal. Decide on two items you will eliminate and add two items you haven't been eating but sound good!


Within a Month you will feel way better and breathe better!


What's for Dinner?