Rant: Didn't You Come Here Asking for Help?

Discussion created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Feb 16, 2017
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I'm ticked! It takes a lot for me to get ticked but when I do I explode like a volcano and then I calm down and start thinking reasonable. Hopefully this will happen this time too!


Day after day people come here and ask for answers and support. And day after day the Community of all walks comes here and helps with whatever strength and efforts, answers and knowledge that they have. 


Then there are occasionally those very few who come here, ask for support and then turn around and say, "Who asked you?" did! Or did I miss something? 


If what you really want is for the Community to assure you that you already have the answers about Smoking Cessation and support means that I agree with mistaken concepts that virtually all Nicotine Addicts have about their drug of choice then I can't just say, "Oh Yes! That's a great idea!"


- Hold onto that last pack!

- Hang out with your smoking buddies!

- Keep that smoking patio!

- Go to bars and drink!


I can't do that!


It's not because I'm contrary and against different ways of thinking!


It's because I suffer every moment of every day with a smoking related illness.  It's because I know that nobody wants to die but there are some ways of living that are worse than dying! Dying happens to all of us! 


Because I care about You I don't want you to live the horrible life of an Addict who little by little dwindles away their Quality of Life while they continue to suck on their Sickerettes! 


I get tired. But I come back because I care so much! And I won't smoke over it because smoking never did anything for me - it just robbed me of Quality of everyday Life! Don't let it happen to you!