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Discussion created by Bree19 on Feb 18, 2017
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This is it folks.  It’s the weekend I’m reading EVERYTHING.  I’ve kept up with all discussions, blogs, EX Café, Trains etc this week but haven’t been very vocal at all.  Just let it all simmer away in my head and heart, while tracking (but not well).

Still feeling hesitant though.  My only quit was in 2014 for 5 weeks and I CLEARLY remember what y’all call Hell Week and Heck Week.  Which is what’s kept me unwilling to try again till now.. 

The reasons I KNOW I can quit: 

  • 6 yrs ago our company moved into a brand new office building (beautiful – but no smoking balcony). From nowhere came the thought “don’t smoke during work hours” (12hrs a day).  I’m on crutches and in chronic pain so the limp to the smoking area just wasn’t worth the pain.  My ‘consumption’ (excuse the pun) went down to between 8 & 12 cigs a day from 20.  I still smoked in the car and house.
  • Also very long ago I DECIDED leaving a dinner table at a restaurant to go outside for a puff – why? So quickly learned to just enjoy the company even if others went for smoke breaks.  Could last 4-5 hours depending on the food and company WITHOUT CRAVING!
  • Even longer ago when I could still go to cinemas, I once smelled my friend coming back from a smoke break. I have barely got a sense of smell, but THAT shocked me!  I can't smell my hair or clothes soaked in the cig smell but when she sat down I wanted to hurl.  AND why miss bits of the movie?  So I’ve KNOWN for a long time that I can switch off the craving when at a concert, play, movie or dinner out – and ALL day at work.  Yes that first one in the car after work did feel like a reward.  But all the others, morning and night, was just automatic and unconscious.


My job became redundant a year ago and I work 2 jobs from home now – very relaxed, no stress, a bit of money, no traffic, my own hours, very poor BUT my smoking is off the charts. (Where do we find the money to feed our addiction?)  I count to stay under 20 but 25 is a more realistic number nowadays.


Reasons I’m quitting now:

  • I’m 60
  • I’m healthy as a horse if you ignore the pain (knee and back) and the weight I’m busy losing.  (YAY)
  • I’m getting my right knee replaced 18 April and need to give my lungs a fighting chance during anaesthesia and the healing process afterwards.  The left knee was successfully replaced in 2011 but I was in High Care for 5 days instead of 2 – blood oxygen trouble.
  • Kat (my one and only) has been married 3 years and finally finished studying in 2016 – fully fledged teacher now and (HOPEFULLY) will start thinking about getting the grand babies started.
  • “Please fetch Nana her smokes darling” was the sentence that made my mom quit cold turkey 25 years ago (I NEVER want to say those words) and she stayed quit till her passing (Alzheimer’s). 


I’m talking too much.  I have to start reading Allen Carr’s book now.  But thanks for listening – and Giulia, the idea of having a precious object you have to get rid of if you quit your quit, really resonates.  I just can’t find that post again now?


Lastly, I never realised how supportive a support group could be.  I’m astonished at your commitment and selfless, constant interaction with newbies as well as each other.