Step Over...

Discussion created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Feb 14, 2017
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...the Fears, the Doubts, the EXcuses!


When you Quit Smoking - heck, let's be honest - when you even contemplate Smoking Cessation - your Addicted Mind goes bonkers! Immediately you are filled with thoughts, feelings, questions, doubts about how that's not a great idea!


All of a sudden, everything about quitting sounds absolutely miserable and undoable! That's the power of Nicotine on your Reward System! It's scary!


But something got you here! Your Executive Control System - the decision making part of your Brain - says, "What am I doing? The money, my health, the smell, the shame, the endless neediness just aren't who I want to be!" And the battle begins!


If you keep up the fight, you will run out of willpower and relapse or give up on the idea of quitting without even trying!


But you can step right over all of those scary voices! You can simply make the decision to becomeanEX and honor your decision!


I know - it sounds too easy! Well, it isn't easy - but it is simple and doable!


Smoking Cessation Experts have found out that whatever you make your Quit - it will be that! You not only decide to quit but you decide to be miserable or happy, to have rough cravings that feel constant or that barely make a wave, that drive you crazy or that gift you each and every step of the way!


What you believe about Smoking Cessation determines how it turns out for you!


EXpect the BEST!


Step right over all of those thoughts and feelings so that you can thrive as an EX-Smoker!


You decide!