We cannot live on bread alone... 02-13-17

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Today's recipe :

                      " The chief pang of most trials is not so much the actual suffering                              itself ,as our own spirit of resistance to it ."


                                                                   Jean Nicolas Grou    (1731-1803)

            In past failed quits I was so busy fighting  the withdrawal and thinking about how hard quitting was that I would get worn out and just give in and relapse . This time with the help of God and The Ex-Community ( My second family ) I went with the flow, I did not fight it. I accepted the fact that it would be hard .that  it would take discipline and a firm commitment. I determined that it was Doable ( ty Marilyn ) that it would take SINAO ( ty Jackie )  I did not resist . 

                                    I found that positive thinking unlocked the door to success for me !


                                                                    Have a great smoke -free day Ex'ers !