7 Days to quitting - and unsure if I can do it

Discussion created by Bree19 on Feb 13, 2017
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I'm unsure if I will be able to really quit and I'm also unsure I'm typing my msg in the right place?

Not at all computer literate when in comes to social media so maybe no one will see this?


I need to be in touch with anyone willing to support me in my new challenge of quitting next week.

I started my cigarette tracking this morning and also began My Quit Plan - don't even know if I did that right!


Well, in case anyone reads this:

I'm Brenda or Bree

Pretoria South Africa

Smoker for 4 decades

Gave up once in 2014 and lasted  smoke free for 5 weeks but then my mom died 

At that time I was with a support group called Stay Quit from the UK, but cannot find them online now so am really holding high hopes for support from people on this site.

Quit date 20 Feb


I'm finding this site a bit confusing but that might just be my general idiocy.  Even Facebook is beyond me - but I keep trying.  I  can like, share and comment on other people's messages.  I've yet to understand walls, timelines, uploading, downloading or attaching pics.  (See?  pics!  I know something else!)  Instagram and twitting...haven't even tried!


Please someone, find me and help me quit - and tell me if this msg should have been written somewhere else.

I admire every one of you I've read about.