I'm Unique!

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And so are you!

What isn't unique about us is the Human Brain and how it reacts to Addiction. That is the same in every Human Brain.

And for that reason there is one thing about Recovery from Nicotine Addiction that has to be the same as well!

This is the Law of Addiction:

"Administration of a drug to an addict will cause re-establishment of chemical dependence upon the addictive substance."

Mastering it requires acceptance of three fundamental principles:  

  1. Dependency upon smoking nicotine is a true chemical addiction, captivating the same brain dopamine reward pathways as alcoholism, cocaine or heroin addiction
  2. Once established, you cannot cure or kill an addiction but only arrest it
  3. Once arrested, regardless of how long you have remained nicotine free, just one powerful puff of nicotine will all but guarantee full and complete relapse.

How you become Smoke FREE - with or without NRTs, pharmaceuticals, hypnosis, acupuncture, etc....- with or without Community Support, Family Support, Religious Support, etc, - doesn't change anything unless it is accompanied by adherence to this Law!

How long you smoked, how often you smoked, how many quits you have had in the past, whatever expertise you believe that you bring to your Quit Journey, ....None of it matters one iota unless you adhere to the Law of Addiction.

The Law of Addiction doesn't care if you are male, female,  tall, short, heavy, skinny. sick, healthy, gay, straight, religious, atheist, agnostic, ....None of it makes you any less vulnerable to the Law of Addiction!

You can be happy, sad, angry, or calm, You can throw temper tantrums - scream, punch pillows, pull your hair out! But when you keep them away from your face you will Recover! And as long as you continue to abstain you will stay Recovered! One Sickerette can throw it all away!

Simply put, quoting Dale, "If you quit smoking and you're still smoking, you're doing it wrong!"

 Live N.O.P.E.[Not One Puff Ever!] and Succeed! There is no other way because the Human Brain is the Human Brain and Nicotine is Nicotine!

You are Unique! Be EXceptional too!

Be Yourself and Be FREE!