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I have around 360 Weekends under by belt as an EXer but many of us are facing their first Smoke FREE Weekend – maybe even their first 2 days Quitting! Here are some ideas that might help you make this a Successful Smoke FREE Weekend.

I recommend that you start out your Day with a promise – to Yourself! This is a solemn oath that you will not smoke for any “reason” no matter what! Making that pledge public helps solidify and give commitment to your pledge! Daily Pledge

I made the pledge every single day even before I got out of bed! And I respected myself enough to honor that pledge each and every day for 2518 days straight!

I think most of us thought mistakenly that Sickerette Smoking is relaxing! Smoking actually causes the stress it relieves. Navigating through the first weekend without smoking takes a good plan and some real effort, but the challenge is doable! A little preparation will help you get and stay in control and Smoke-Free.

Make a List of Ways to Stay Busy! Need help? Here is a place to start – take what you like and leave the rest! 100 Things to do instead of smoking! Distraction is an effective way to beat cravings to smoke. Come up with several activities that you enjoy. The more passionate you feel about what you’re doing the better the distraction.

Also, choosing a Smoke FREE environment is a must! Hanging out with your Smoking friends, doing your same old weekend habits is inviting failure! Make it something new or different.  For instance, you could go to the mall or a movie where smoking isn't allowed. You can head to the gym for a workout, go to a smoke-free restaurant for a leisurely meal or take the family dog for a walk on the beach. If you're at home, think about hobbies you could do to keep hands busy, or tackle a home project you've been thinking about doing. The more you care the better! Your Brain is extremely sensitive to Second Hand Smoke! It needs a break!

Nicotine messes with our metabolism. Some of us can’t stay awake and others can’t get or stay asleep! I was the can’t sleep guy! Get Some Rest! If you're feeling sluggish and foggy-headed (common symptoms of nicotine withdrawal), take a mid-afternoon nap. There is nothing wrong with sleeping some of that first weekend away if you can. Nicotine withdrawal is physically exhausting. Extra rest will allow you to recharge your batteries, which will keep you at your best for meeting the challenges that come with the first days of smoking.

Don’t fight the cravings! Cravings only last a couple of minutes if you let them roll over you! The goal isn’t to fight – the goal is to stay focused on what’s important to you at that moment! You decide where to put your focus! Stay determined to acknowledge but also to ignore  the withdrawal while you take care of you! The Push and Pull. Your new goal is Smoke-FREE! Keep your Eyes on the Prize! 

Acknowledge the progress you're making with small rewards and take advantage of the support available here at BecomeanEX! You can hang out at the EX Café, ride the FREEDOM Train, join a group that you find helpful to you, ask questions of the Community or write a Blog about who you are. If you are feeling overwhelmed just write a short Conversation with Help in the Title! You’ll be amazed at the quick and helpful responses you’ll get!Need Inspiration?

The only way out is through! I don’t promise an Easy Quit but it is doable and when you develop Quititude you can create a Happy Quit! Once you put that first Smoke FREE weekend behind you, the next one will be easier. Remember that Recovery from Nicotine Addiction takes time, patience, focus and determination!

You can do it!

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