In My Own Way and Time

Discussion created by lisalhh on Feb 10, 2017
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The last time I blogged, I said I was about to start using Chantix. Well, I did, and it's working great for me. However, to say my quit is unconventional would be an understatement.


I did not set a quit date. I did not clear away my smoking area. In fact, I am sorry to say I do still smoke. However, I smoke less than one cig/day!


I'm in my third week of taking Chantix now. It has shut down the tobacco receptor sites in my brain. The addiction is broken; the habit is not. I allow myself to smoke whenever I want. Luckily, I rarely want to smoke! When I do, I smoke very little - sometimes there's barely enough ash to flick into the ashtray once. Yes. I light that cigarette. However, I never have to fight my way through a nic fit. I don't deny myself. I can look to my smoking area and honestly tell myself I don't want to smoke, and I don't have to lie to myself.


I like this because I smoke outside on my lanai. I used to wonder if I ever would be able to sit out there again without wanting a cigarette. It was quite upsetting. I enjoy relaxing out there and enjoying the nature all around me. Well, so far that's the only time I light up. But it tastes so-o-o bad; it's great! 


I'm sure it won't be long before I stop doing that. My mother once told me that's how I stopped using my pacifier when I was a baby. I just walked over to the garbage and threw it away. Now, I'm in the process of leaving my adult pacifier behind.


I know that's not what you're supposed to do. It's working for me though. Do I reccommend everybody quit this way? Absolutely not. It's a different way that's working for me. Maybe someone also has a different way they would like to try, but they don't because they've been told to take a specific path.


"They" say you need to quit in your own way; in your own time. Well, that's what I'm doing. If you're still struggling with your quit, don't be afraid to go outside the box. After all, we're all aiming for the same results. It doesn't matter how you get there. Just get there!