The ebb and flow

Discussion created by crazymama_Lori on Feb 10, 2017

Well, good morning everyone.  Welcome to all the newcomers to the site.  Be sure to either start a discussion or write a blog, either one is fine and you'll receive all kinds of answers from some very astute people on here.  There's a few that have stayed on through the years and continue to help others.  There's a few that were very active and have just dwindled off as they no longer needed the cheering, the encouragement, the guidance.  I do hope that they come back when they are feeling a weak moment, they foresee bad habits returning.


My older blogs which I may post for some of you in various points of your journey, your path to quitness, quititude, is because I see myself in that exact point of your life and went through the exact thing you are now going through.  It may not be precise but it gives you the idea and the knowledge that what you are physically going through and mentally going through is perfectly normal.  It's just that part of quitting that you have to jump over.


I am the Google queen.  If I can't find something on the search engine here, I'll do my best to find something that will give you the whys and what fors.  Myself, I need to know that to understand it.  I don't do well with generalities, vagueness, cryptic responses.  I'm on the other end of the spectrum.


So I will pop in from time to time when I see you struggling with your journey to the top of smokeless hill.  I will be there to grab your hand, lift you up, dust you off, and start you up again.  Feel free to message me, tag me, ask me anything you need.  We are all here to help you along the way.  That's how support sites work.  We're just a bunch of people who smoke, had smoked, quit smoking, staying smoke free............