Request 1 or 2 Ex Café Barista/cafe opener group(s)

Discussion created by c2q on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2017 by c2q

I am requesting 2 groups related to running the EX Cafe, or onne group with a sub group would be ideal.

  • The purpose of the large group is to discuss the operations of the Cafe. plan "daily specials" to reach out to community members through the Cafe, plan a "staffing" schedule, etc
  • Some of the Ex Cafe members will have responsibility for opening the cafe in the morning, and closing the cafe from the day before. This is a team of supervisors, if you will. There will be things we want to discuss within just this subgroup. Like monitoring Cafe content, setting protocols, etc.


  1. I will manage the group.
  2. the goal of the group is to manage, maintain and operate the Ex Cafe, a meeting place for EX community members.
  3. the group would have access to Ex Cafe resources, such as the opening and closing images, and promotional materials that we will use to promote initiatives  that we choose within the goals of EX community, such as welcoming new members, linking hot topics, support members in need, etc.