Newbie (36 days)!!!

Discussion created by Kkay on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by Dotgirl_1-28-16

Hi all. I do not post a lot BUT do read on the site most everyday. I take away good info. And leave the rest if it doesn't really fit for me. There was a conversation why the Newbies don't stick around. In my short experience, I have found that posting early in the morning is nearly impossible with my schedule. I am a nurse and work at 6 a.m. Those early times are when most activity happens. I normally get on at 9pm MT. If I do respond to a post it gets mixed in the shuffle. It is no ones fault, I still benefit. : ) Thanks!

Next, there are not enough newbies ( someone in my spot at that very point in time). I love the knowledge of elders but other newbies are needed so that I can help them and help myself at the same time. Really, what help can I give to an elder? 

Lastly, no offense intended, (just being honest) sometimes there are elders that are rough on newbies and they act as if they are licensed experts in the field. If you want people to come for support it needs to be supportive and not punitive. Not every person is going through their quit exactly as you did. Big props to those that have quit for so long, BUT I think this might be the issue. This is a small amount of the time, but it could send someone packing or worse smoking...