lady G, my quit.. odd rant

Discussion created by AHG12911 on Feb 8, 2017
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I'm proud of myself. 9 days, I'm still eating more than normal...I'm going to do my best to maintain my "girlish figure" (mom of 2) wishing for these winter months to pass quickly so I can get outside more often to move around.
Something on my mind is the Super Bowl, how Lady G was shamed for her beautiful stomach. I thought she looked incredible, that her stomach was toned and how shaming her is just horrible. 

I'm small, no curves, but I have two children, two healthy handsome little men 3&5 whom I try to raise with values on how to treat women. My stomach has scars, 2 of them because I am blessed with being able to make healthy babies even though I can't deliver them the way most women can ... And stretch marks.... And with my quit, it's going to grow a bit and you know what, I'd rather have my famiky/friends/public comment on my weight than make a comment about the ugly unattractive cigarette hanging from my lips. I've quit twice, and for each quit I was pregnant. This is my 3rd quit and no, I am not pregnant , and no I won't be lol

People can be too quick to judge. 

But today I'm thinking about me, my health , my desires and my needs. I don't want to smoke anymore. I like smelling good, and hell I enjoy the heck out of washing my hair every 2 days and it still smells great! 

Not sure really what my discussion is really about... My quit , people judging , my increase in food ... Or the message that could be read as paying more compliments to one another.

For instance, tell a friend or someone who was nice to you " Thanks so much for being you."

Or "I'm proud of you" the list is endless...

It can go a long way so for all who are reading "thanks for supporting my quit , my journey and listening to my odd rant"