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Discussion created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Feb 7, 2017
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Well, I am very well aware that pneumonia has bad consequences for COPD but I'm in a state of shock!

My Spirometry Test results were very disappointing.

My lung capacity is now 25% less than a Year ago!

That's the bad news!


The good news is that because I have asthma along with all the other components of COPD

some of the lung capacity might come back.


I have a follow-up with my pulmonologist in May.

Meanwhile he put me on Spiriva to complement the Advair I have been taking.


The doctor said that most people with my lung capacity are disabled.

The only reason I'm not is because I work so much I'm used to herculeon efforts on a daily basis.


SSD requires that you make less than $1000/Month and takes 6 Months to qualify.

By then I'd be bankrupt and who would pay for my meds? No work, no Insurance!


Retirement isn't even in the horizon.


All I can do is not smoke, exercise, and take my meds. 

...and pray!