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Site Navigation Questions

Question asked by c2q on Feb 7, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by Mark

Hi Mark and EXProductManager. Still loving the new site; still figuring stuff out. I have a few more site navigation questions:

  1. Messages & notifications:
    • How do you filter notifications by both type (message, conversation, etc.) and by participant?
    • In my notifications, sometimes it says "conversation with…" after the little envelope icon and sometimes not. How can I always have only the icon display?
    • The  quotev button in Jive works in a way that I'm not familiar with. How do I quote from another's content?
  2. Editing content
    • How long are you able to edit a blog, discussion, or comment?
  3. View Options
  4.         How can I see all the recent activity of one of someone that I follow?
  5. My Ex Feed
    • Why doesn't a custom stream stay visible when I re-enter my Ex Feed?
    • I created a custom stream based on a tag. Not every content with that tag is showing up in the stream I created. What should I do?
  6. General site navigation questions
    • Can I add a tag to content created by someone else?
    • Can Admin add a "date posted" to items in the content thread?
    • I had trouble creating a multilevel list here. Is there a way to paste multilevel list formatting from what I write elsewhere to here? Should I just attach a document?
    •  Is there a protocol at becomeanex for how to indicate that you've edited something after other people have already responded to the original content?