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Confused about Likes & Helpful

Question asked by Giulia Champion on Feb 7, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by Mark

When does the  "helpful" icon present itself on a blog or conversation?  I don't mean on the "replies" (it's there on all of them).  I mean on the blog/conversation itself.  Sometimes I see it, most times I don't.   I'm not speaking of  the "helpful" Outcomes  shown.  If I want to mark a blog or conversation itself as "helpful"  - why is that not a consistent link available across all authored posts?  Is it only available when it's an admin/EX team post at a time when particular feedback is desired?    For example in the "Document,"  "Let’s Talk About Leaderboards!" Event Summary at the bottom there's... 


Yet on the "Discussion" Why do we see Old Blogs in the Recent Blogs list?, for example there is no green "Helpful" button available.   

It would be beneficial, I think, if the Conversation/Blog  itself had a "helpful" button (just as it has a "Like" button).  We may "like" a joke blog, for example, but it may not necessarily be helpful.  On the other hand there may be one that has valuable information to someone's quit which the person could mark as helpful.  


 And "Most Liked" must refer to the amount of random "likes" overall of the various responses unrelated to the Likes noted under the header.  If you count all the "Likes" under the replies in Why do we see Old Blogs in the Recent Blogs list?  they add up to 9.  But under the header it shows "Likes 2."  Is there any way to separate out (filter) the "liked" original content vs the "liked" replies, I wonder?


Also, I notice that sometimes it says "I also have this question" and sometimes it doesn't.  I assume it's because a definitive "answer" (with the green checkmark) has been placed?