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Discussion created by Rhncasi419 on Feb 6, 2017
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Hi all. At time of this writing I am 2 months 14 days 14 hours quit smoking on the nic patch. I had 1 ONE slip up on Christmas Eve when I smoked 1 cigarette. I have tried to quit several times over last 5 years. In fact, the 5 year anniversary of my fathers death dying from lung cancer at 64, prompted me to try again this past November hence my 2 1/2 months quit. This is my strongest quit ever. I'm not beating myself up for th 1 slip up. It only strengthened my resolve to never take another puff again, well, that and the fact that I got reamed with the disappointment of my non smoking husband and 22 yr old son when they saw me smoking with my sister in law that night, it was such a deep defeat to have smoked that cigarette and I never want to be feel that weakness again. Weaning myself off the 7 mg patch brought me here.  I smoked since I was 14 and I will be 50 in April- over the last 5 years I've quit many times with 3 months being the longest - all cold turkey, all quits had more than 1 slip up - I was always justifying 1 a month was ok - well I've learned for me no, no it is not ok. This time I am going to succeed.