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Investigators describe 13 new genetic regions associated with COPD, including four that have not previously been associated with any type of lung function. The researchers also found overlap of the genetic risk of COPD with two other lung diseases, asthma and pulmonary fibrosis. These findings create an improved understanding of the genetic basis for this deadly disease.


"This is the first step in a longer process in which we hope to better understand the genetic basis for COPD, or what may be several different diseases that present as COPD. Now that we know there are new regions of the genome associated with COPD, we can build on this research by probing new biological pathways with the ultimate goal of improving therapies for our patients with this disease." 


Our job is to slow the progress of the disease and to give R&D time to catch up and get new treatments on the market. In fact, new treatments are being released on a regular basis. 


So how can we slow the progress of COPD? Only one treatment has been found to extend life by slowing the progress of COPD - Smoking Cessation!


I intend to be around to see a cure for COPD. Lung transplant doesn't appeal to me. 


I'm doing my part - the rest is in God's hands!