Looking for wise words of advice for this cig poet.

Discussion created by cig_poet on Feb 6, 2017
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I have quit several time but not in over 1.5 years.  I have decided I would use Chantix as an aid (as it did well before), but I'm doing more research, etc. and have joined this community to get started.  The pills start Monday the 13th and my 100% quit day is Monday the 20th (FEB).  Any words of advice on using the Ex Community to the best of its ability (we are all needing different things) and advice about personal coaching (which hotline?).  This is pretty important to me because I have a triple love for my habit but am also approaching mid-life and facing the potential blowback later on if I don't act now.  Been a lot of concerned people encouraging me of late.  ~ Michelle, cig_poet

I am a poet and one of my first poems over 10 years ago was about cigarettes and quitting.  Looks like I need something else to make my "infatuation" end. Cig_poem LINK - poetry-infatuation - free mind books.