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Hello Everyone, 


I am going to be vulnerable here.  I know I need to stay in the moment, and take it one day at a time.  When a thought creeps in, repeatedly, I feel the need to face it.  I am afraid.  I have been in mostly guarded, unstressful circumstances since Monday, when I quit smoking.  What about when I am around someone smoking?  When, inevitably, I am around people drinking?  I am not drinking and hope to let that addiction go as well.  When I am stressed?  When the love of my life, Luka, my 12 1/2 year old German Shepherd can no longer stand on those wobbly three legs of his, and I have to put him down?  When my kids go through challenges and when I feel so shaky? 


Am I whining here?  I hope not.  I am just voicing my fears.  Experience will help me be more courageous.  Time will give me strength.  Do I trust myself?  Honesty, not completely. 


I do know that I have all of you and this site to support me and I will continue to come back and build my self confidence.

Lauralives because I chose to live without smoking!!