Discussion created by paula11658 on Feb 2, 2017
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its been 3 days without smoking. I have basically confined myself to my apartment fighting the urge to buy a pack. I did not find this site until this afternoon and appreciate all the knowledge and hands on information I have taken in already.

I have done this cold turkey this time - have tried patches and ecigs but has not worked for me. I know I had quit cold turkey when I was pregnant with my children (ha one is now 35 and one is 29) but sine how always managed to start again .... don't want to do that any more - the lat time I tried this was 5/2016 but it did not work - I was able to stay smoke free while at work for 9 to 10 hours but couldn't manage the drive to and from I am unemployed since 12/1/16 - so no longer have the excuse of the drive to and from work to smoke - anyway I am grateful that I made it 3 days and am looking forward to make this a life long commitment .