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I recently went through a few very tough weeks of depression. It was really challenging! But I was reminded (by my therapist) of a way to defuse my negative thoughts. 


Here's how it works:


"I can't do anything right!" 

Defusion: "I'm having the thought that I can't do anything right but I make mistakes but so does everybody and I do lots of things right!"


"So-and-so didn't talk to me. he probably thinks I'm worthless"

Defusion:  "I;m having the thought that So-and-so won't talk to me because he thinks I'm worthless but So-and-so may also be having a bad day and may have not talked to me because of what's going on with him."


You get the idea. That single principle was enough to show me the way out of my depressive state!


The same works with smoking cessation.


"I have to have a cigarette!"

Defusion: "I'm having the thought that I have to have a cigarette but I can do this without a cigarette! In fact, smoking would only add to my problems and to my stress!"


"Just one won't hurt!"

Defusion: "I'm having the thought that just one won't hurt but I know that one=one million! I don't do that any more!"


Try some of these ideas! They really work!

DEFUSE Your Addictive Thoughts!