Here For You

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So, ok, I'm working through the new Ex and it's kinda fun.  Just wanted to say that I truly missed my friends, co-quitters, and even those who weren't so fond of my cheerfulness   I am here for those who need me, although I can't tell you how to get in touch with me yet.  Just a "Hey, You" anywhere here will catch my attention.

We have always been in this quitting thing together.  That hasn't changed even when I'm not around so much.  I appreciate all who have been there for me and I appreciate all who are here for others as well!!  When child abuse abounds, I am more at work than I am here or at home.  It's just the way it has to be.  But I pay attention and I will reach out to those in need.

Big hugs, Terri and Thomas and Marilyn and Ellen and Wendy and Jackie and Dale and Giulia and all those who have made me smile over the years   Thanks.