27 hours in...oh the attitude

Discussion created by AHG12911 on Feb 1, 2017
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I've done this before, a couple of times. Pregnancy.... I quit for them, not me. I came here with my 1st quit and it helped.... it was before I was pregnant, but that came about a month later.


I set a goal last week that today I would quit.... well I had my last 1 yesterday AM right out of bed with my cup of coffee and I haven't stopped eating since. UGH I hate the addiction, I hate the with-drawl. Id love to have one right now to feed my body what it wants so bad. The first week is the hardest I recall.... the first month really just sucks the life right out of you. I was at a pack every 24 hours, some times less but more than likely more.... especially when consuming alcohol- which I don't plan on drinking anytime soon. Hell, I can take it and leave it when it comes to drinking

Here's a Pro- I don't stink, I smell so fresh.

Another Pro- I'm learning to take my cravings and direct them to a different place- though some come on really strong and I feel so edgy.

Soon: Less wrinkles in my face, im 31 and not liking what I see.


So here we go friends, all of us are fighting this battle, and its a tough one.