Procrastination Is A Beach

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I look at my checking account just before the monthly deposit and on its due date to see if I have money. :-)

I looked last night and realized I was overdrawn due to a paypal transaction that was supposed to be on a credit card. I hate service charges, and went when the bank opened to make a cash deposit and beg for mercy.

They said no service charge.  :-)  :-)

carlsbad lagoon

     They wanted me to insert my debit card and put in the pin. I had a memory miracle when I remembered a pin number that I didn't create and only used once 5 months ago.  :-)

     I had 15 minutes to kill before another errand so I drove to the end of the street I was head to and took this picture with my dumb phone.

                       Good Memory>Dumb phone

                                 No Smoking!