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Blogging for Dummies by Pops

I posted this blog earlier, and thought that maybe I might be better off putting it here in the discussion platform...???? Not really sure about that.  I have yet to use the discussion arena, and forgive me,,,I maybe shouldn't even be in here at all.  Just sort of nosing around and trying to get a feel for my new home.  ;-)
Let me know if you see me doing something out of the norm...thx, and now it's time for me to get a bite to eat.
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Pops = biggest dummy of them all! 


Pops is here to attempt to make your life a little easier...A question was asked of me earlier, "Can someone tell me how to blog on this new platform?"  So without any further adooooo....I will attempt to talk in laymans terms of some of what I have discovered by monkeying around for the last couple of days....here goes.....


Sure...so look up to the right...Do you see the pencil?  click it & watch the whole world open up for you in a drop down menu.  Now if you look for the green icon, (it should say share a blog post), then click on that and your blogging draft will populate on your screen.  From there...you can click on the camera in the banner towards the top and then it will ask you to choose a file.  This is when you need to have some banners saved to "your" internal picture library.  I say that because Jive does not offer a web link for banners.  (I found this out on the first day, and started googling up banner images on google, then saving them as jpgs to my library.)  After you pick a banner...jive will ask you to center it on top, center, or bottom...

After you've done that, you are now free to type away in your blog.  If you feel creative, you can change your fonts, go bold, italic, bullets or numbering...., and you can also insert a link to some sort of reference anytime by clicking the chain link on top, or you can enter an image via the camera icon.  (Here it is good to note that Jive gives you the option of uploading from your computer, top left, or the web, top right)  I think that is way cool, and fun to play with.  Remember if you want your image to show up in your blog, then copy & paste images, not addresses.  I have found that just pasting an address puts an image icon in my blog....then readers would have to click on it in order to see it.  (that is not very user friendly)  If someone has said something and you would like to make sure that they read your input, then you can click the "@" icon, and type in their name and a dropdown menu will come up...when you see who it is you want to include, then click on their name and say your piece...voilah!!!!  I apologize if this seems to be too much, but there is much to do and understand with the new platform.  These are some of the things that I have discovered so far.  I hope that they are self explanatory.  Also, please note, it is much more palatable if you just try to learn one thing a day, or at a time.  In no time at all, you will be the "Jive" expert of the community....!!! How cool is that?


Pops with 252 days of smobriety!  Woo Hoo!!!!!