On my way ... slowly but surely

Discussion created by lisalhh on Jan 31, 2017
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Well, folks, according to my Chantix instructions today. However, when I got down to 2-3 cigs/week (the closest I've gotten to this point in my quit), I did it by finishing my last pack. So I'm going to take that avenue again. Unfortunately, that may take a while.


The Chantix seems to be making the cigs actually taste BAD! I have to relight a cig two or three times to finish it. I think this is a plus, but now it will push back my quit date that much farther.

Has anyone else used Chantix and experienced this phenomenon? For that matter, who can share their path down the Chantix road with me?


Thanks again to everyone for their interest in helping me.


- LisaLHH


P.S. Just call me Lisa!