Quit Smoking Aids

Discussion created by Lauralives on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by Mark

Hello, this is day two for me and I sure feel out of it.  I've quit many times before and as many of you know, every quit is different.  With this quit I decided to use the patch.  Although the adhesive leaves a red patch on my skin for days, it has been more effective than other aids.  I am sharing to remind myself and others not too wait to long in the morning before using the aid.  I was up for more than 3 hours before I put the patch on because I planned on going to the gym and then shower before putting on a patch.  I became pretty disoriented and irritated and I do know that is part of the quitting process but know in the first few weeks it's good for me to have nicotine replacement so I don't just throw in the towel because of Stinkin Thinkin.   I do have the small mints too and will use them in the future when I am going to wait.  It's a slippery slope when you are in your first days of quitting and think you can wait for hours before using an aid.  I know some of you probably didn't use one and that's great, but the last several times I quit, that just didn't work for me. 


I also want to again thank the EX community for this forum.  You are all very supportive and I appreciate it!!