The Meeting Place 1/31/17

Discussion created by Giulia Champion on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by Mark

Anybody up at this hour 1:10  am Eastern Time?  Or am I alone here Jiving by m'self?  Just an FYI.  I intended to put in the tag reference: the meeting place 1/31/17 (to make it easier for people to find this place when searching with the magnifying glass) and it would not accept the tag with the forward slash.  I think because the forward slash / is a recognizable code function for many programs and it screws things up.  (sorry, if my typing is way off here, it's because of the cataract surgery I had, and not due to idiocy.) So I think we should change the "name" of this place to "the meeting place (current date expressed like 1.31.17  - i.e. instead of  forward slashes, use periods between the day/month/year denotations.  Terrie - are you PAYING ATTENTION HERE?  lol  


OK, since this was my idea I GET TO SET THE PARAMETERS! (well until somebody else comes up with a better idea )  So.  When you post the new meeting place - whomever gets here first after midnight (like me, tonight)  put it in as follows:  the meeting place 1.31.17 with the date being the current date.  OK?  I would suggest including the word THE, rather than simply "meeting place"  because the "the" will separate it in the search function from "meeting" or "meeting place" - tags that others may put that are not at all related to this blog 


The important part of this is setting up a consistency as to how we all do it.  For I believe this perhaps can be, will  be the new meeting place until we find another one, which may serve our purposes better.  


So welcome to today's Meeting Place - whomever is here.