What is a newbie to do?

Discussion created by MePlus3 on Jan 30, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by c2q

I see everyone that's made a impact on my quit leaving and it saddens me. I may not blog alot like I used to but im reading and sometimes commenting IM STILL HERE! looking up to those ahead of me. Grabbing the virtual hands of the elders and holding tight. What are we to do if you leave us? I know this new platform seem a bit complicated (ok well alot) but I see that mark is there to help any of us in need its almost as if he doesnt sleep lol what more can we ask for? I felt a little distant void from the community at first but it's that bit of heartbreak from the leaving that quickly reminded me that we are still together! Hey, we're lost together and just like quitting was a challenge and we mastered it im sure we can do the same on the site.