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Discussion created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Jan 30, 2017
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As Exsmokers we have used so many excuses to smoke or even to relapse.  Please don't let not liking a web page be an EXcuse to smoke.  Your quit is inside of you.  I have worked many places where change takes place.  Either you adapt , learn try or leave.  Life is always changing.  Nothing remains the same. Accept and adapt so that you may benefit. I am thankful to have a community like EX it is not the pages it is US.  Ya'll have a blessed day.  Stay close, be mindful don't give up. Whatever you are going through have hope and know that it will get better. I am here if you need to follow me to get message just let me know.  Whatever is possible for the betterment I will give my best. No  matter what NOPE.  ISTill type HELP we are here.