Just a little info, coffee talk, if you will

Discussion created by crazymama_Lori on Jan 30, 2017
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From reading over the community help section this morning, and man, has it improved, I think we are all getting confused with the blog/document/discussion confusion.  We're used to having just one thing and now we have a choice of three things.  Here is what I've broken down for my simple understanding and hopefully it makes sense to you all.

  • Blog - this is your journal entries, something you can share with the community at large or just keep it as your private stash
  • Document - This is a living, breathing thing.  You can add to, subtract from, revamp as you wish.  Treat it like a Microsoft Word document or a word processing entry
  • Discussion - This is where the coffee talk lies.  This is where we share information, share websites, research we've done, opinions we want to share.  Here we talk to the community.  Here we chat. Here lies this discussion we're having right now.

What I have found easiest and less cumbersome in the morning, is I simply go to the home page and click on All blog posts and then click on All on the left-hand side and there I can sort from date created first or latest activity and here I can view everything, questions, documents, blogs, discussion.  Just like what I did every morning for the last year when I clicked on blogs every morning.  It's just that I have a whole lot more to choose from.  I sure hope that that clears up some confusion on your part. 


 Another thing is the magical bell.  I'm sure some of you have found your numbers just keep increasing and increasing.  to clear the number, click on it and click on mark all read.  poof, the numbers are gone.  The numbers are there just to notify you that someone posted on your content or content that you participated in depending on your preferences.  Now you can separate these out by a filter.  Click on the arrow by filter.  You can sort them by messages, etc.  If you selected messages, you can click on each one individually and your private conversation with that person shows up in a thread.  Play around here by clicking around.


So that's my coffee talk for this morning........ hope you all have a great day and we'll see what the day brings